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Come and study with me using my Self Sufficient Flutist methods. Whether you’re a Classical, Jazz, Latin or World music flutist, my teaching style is personal and is tailored to each and every student for their own specific needs. I’ve been teaching flute players from the USA, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, Israel and Brazil and have been helping them win auditions, learn how to improvise, improve their sense of time, tone and articulation, write their own flute arrangements for playing with their students, learn how to use and trust their inner ear, the value of transcribing and much more.
Lessons are given online via Skype or Zoom.

Keith Underwood, internationally acclaimed teacher:

“Hadar Noiberg is a uniquely gifted flutist/composer and improviser-an amazing performer who is also a dedicated, articulate and passionate teacher. Hadar has developed a wonderful approach to teaching improvisation and jazz harmony, which she calls “The Self Sufficient Flutist” that is applicable to every type of music in a way that goes far beyond a “jazz niche”, focusing extensively on Brazilian music, particularly choro (she is one of the greatest choro players I’ve ever met) as a gateway for classical players to understand groove, rhythm and harmony. I have brought Hadar frequently to teach at my schools (New York University and Mannes College) and, most recently, my class in California at Hidden Valley and I have also taught with her a number of times, including through online platforms with participants from all over the world! Hadar is adept at applying her method to classical music-her virtuosity on flute extends to classical music and her highly developed sensitivity to rhythm and harmony help invigorate people’s classical playing in a way that addresses a very obvious need in music education.”


“Hadar is a great teacher and will tailor to each students needs in any genre of music. The most helpful thing she taught me is how to create accompaniment tracks.”

Patricia Anselmo