Summer Self Sufficient Flutist class (three classes included)


Dates: July 11th, 13th and 16th
11am EST

The Self Sufficient Flutist is a teaching method I have developed and used both in my private practice as well as in flute workshops around the world. Its goal is to help flutists strengthen their musical independence, regardless of their musical genre.

I achieve this by using interactive exercises I came up with in order to deepen their connection to harmony and rhythm to the point that they could even accompany others, making them more aware and able to engage in their musical surroundings.

What Self Sufficient Students Are Saying

Hadar has an amazing skill to find the exact way to help any student grow, and find a way to learn something and implement it right away in their music. I love to new setup, where every class have a subject which we do “group lesson” on, before going a head to individual work.

– Bud Anin-Aminof

I took the July 2020 course and it was really great. There was a lot to learn from music of all different genres and styles for flute.
– Averie

Hadar has taken me from being a perpetual adult beginner to a budding musician through her non-judgmental approach that focuses on my strengths instead of my weaknesses while encouraging my love of the flute no matter where I’m at on any particular day.

– Marcy Einhorn

After spending several years as a struggling self-taught flutist I had the good fortune to encounter Hadar Noiberg’s Self Sufficient Flutist Workshops. These group workshops typically take place online or in a live setting and allow the observation of an individual lesson by the group. Being ‘self-sufficient’ means having the ability to play everything from a lead melody to a bass line or creating harmonies through the chord structures of a piece.

The workshops have benefitted me personally by greatly enhancing my music theory studies of chord structure and allowing me to observe the learning processes of other musicians. Most importantly this class has provided a measure of self confidence in performing solo or with a group.

I still have a lot to learn but I can recommend these workshops to flutists of any skill level, whether you are a classically trained musician working on improvisation, or a beginning-intermediate student honing your craft. And don’t forget- they’re really fun!

– Dave Workman

Hadar Noiberg’s “Self Sufficient Flutist” workshop has been highly instrumental in my development as a well-rounded musician. Her methods are none like I’d ever been exposed to in my classical training. I’ve enjoyed discovering how more parts work together to offer more musical possibilities than I previously imagined. Hadar’s process is innovative and fresh; one in which I am constantly building upon what I’ve learned, and paving the way for future development of improvisational skills.

– Erin Wilson

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