The Hadar Noiberg Trio

Who would have thought that music by a flute, bass and drums trio could be so colorful? So diverse and different and so full of drive and emotion? Hadar and her musicians are pushed to find other ways of expression and communication and to go beyond the boundaries of their instruments- the flute becomes the harmonic and rhythmic instrument, the double bass becomes an equal melodic instrument and the drums wrap it all up with an array of sounds and earthy grooves. The album is also colored by the touching playing of the world renowned pianist Chano Dominguez as a special guest.


Hadar’s music takes you by surprise – it takes you on a journey of excitement and longing, at times intense and then so clear and simple.


Open Fields is an album of beautiful songs; of powerful heartfelt melodies with unadulterated freedom.


Hadar Noiberg & Chano Dominguez Duet

Flutist Hadar Noiberg and pianist Olivia Trummer met almost accidentally while Hadar spent some time in Berlin. Their personal and musical connection was immediate, even though quite unexpected. They both share deep appreciation for Classical music and jazz which they grew up on while also being influenced by various Latin styles in their compositions and improvisations. Being strong bandleaders in their own right, Hadar and Olivia bring a stunning combination of strength and tenderness into their music. With their unified and strong sound as a duo they are blending into one voice at times, as if flute and piano were extensions of each other. Adding Olivia’s vocals and Hadar’s use of effects and loops to their tonal color palette, the duo creates passionate, mysterious and lyrical music and takes the listener on a voyage into their own fantastical world.