Who would have thought that music by a flute, bass and drums trio could be so colorful? So diverse and different and so full of drive and emotion? Hadar and her musicians are pushed to find other ways of expression and communication and to go beyond the boundaries of their instruments- the flute becomes the harmonic and rhythmic instrument, the double bass becomes an equal melodic instrument and the drums wrap it all up with an array of sounds and earthy grooves. The album is also colored by the touching playing of the world renowned pianist Chano Dominguez as a special guest.

Hadar’s music takes you by surprise- it takes you on a journey of excitement and longing, at times intense and then so clear and simple.

Open Fields is an album of beautiful songs; of powerful heartfelt melodies with unadulterated freedom.

Eduardo Belo

Born and raised in Brazil, bassist Eduardo Belo is a versatile, strong and unique musician in the New York jazz and Brazilian music scenes. His ability to bring his vast experience and knowledge in Brazilian music and his passion for jazz into his playing is so organic yet delightfully surprising. Eduardo is an extremely melodic and joyous bassist who always stays connected to the depth of the groove and song.

Amir Bar-Akiva

At the age of 23 years old, Israel born Amir Bar-Akiva has already developed his own musical voice. His drumming is passionate yet so mature and tasteful. His excitement is infectious and his deep understanding and caring for the song and its meaning is highly moving. Amir recently moved to New York and is already making a name for himself in the jazz scene.


Hadar Noiberg teams up with world renowned pianist Chano Dominguez to share their musical languages crafting a new way for the various musical traditions of the mediterranean to interact. From original material to Ladino, Spanish and Israeli folk songs, their music is receiving a unique treatment by the duo.

Hadar and Chano push the boundaries of the conservative ‘flute & piano duo’. With a cross-cultural style, they are finding new ways of expression and communication which can be both extremely exposed and touching as well as dramatic and thrilling.