I have met many flutists from the Classical, Jazz and World music fields who are very focused on improving their sound and technique without being aware of the existence of a bigger picture. Whether it is an orchestra, a flute duet or a jazz ensemble, we are always a part of some kind of musical fabric. Only when we realize this concept, we can transform ourselves into being more ‘Self Sufficient’.

I often see flutists who would like to be free with their instrument but are afraid that improvisation means to learn a whole new language. I’ve come up with a method and a series of exercises which are opening the flutist to slowly hear, feel and be able to express everything around them and be able to respond to me as well play a ‘duet’ with their pre-recorded self. Eventually, you become so strong and independent, that you don’t need the rhythm section, the piano or the orchestra to feel supported. You can actually now support them as well as yourself and be more of a participator as well as a leader. You are no longer a flutist who is just playing their linear part, you become aware of the actual musical pulse. Every kind of music has a pulse- Classical music has one too.

Here are several optional lesson packages. Lessons will be on Skype or in person for students who could travel to New York City:

1) I want to try my first lesson for 50% off ($40)

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