From the Ground Up

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Hadar Noiberg Trio
Haggai Cohen Milo- double bass
Allison Miller- drums

Anat Cohen- clarinet (Track 8)
Yotam Silberstein- guitar (Tracks 4,6,8)
Dot Time Records

Hadar Noiberg is a rising star in the unique instrumentality of the Jazz flute. Filled with passionate playing, powerful and intense musical virtuosity, Hadar uses the flute almost as an umbilical cord, drawing on many musical influences and genres, fueling and feeding us an abundance of melody, rhythms, cadences and instrumental resonance perfectly balanced with an ensemble and guest artists that accentuate not only the flute but the musical sensation that is Jazz.

Track list

  1. From the Ground Up 6:35
  2. When the Dawn 5:39
  3. When the Dawn Outro 2:44
  4. Privacy 6:15
  5. Troubled 4:15
  6. Beit Ha’arava 3:26
  7. Hope 4:32
  8. Tuesday 7:12
  9. Song for Georgie 2:13
  10. Japan 7:29
  11. Miniature 2:42